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The Owasys 22C

The Owasys 22C


It Was Great While It Lasted!

The Owasys 22C has been discontinued and we no longer have units in stock suitable for use in the U.S., Canada, or Latin Americaa. Regretably, there is simply nothing comparable in the market today that we can recommend.

LAST CHANCE! We have exactly 1 brand-new, never used 22C remaining in stock suitable for use in Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middel East.

Order yours Today On Our
Pricing And Ordering Page Here!Be sure to include the International Shipping Surcharge when you order.

We do also still have parts available. Replacement batteries, chargers, leather carrying cases, authorized headsets, and serial data cables, etc., will continue to be available through this web site while they last.

Order accessories for Your 22C Today On Our
Pricing And Ordering Page Here!Be certain to include the International Shipping Surcharge for delivery outside the U.S.


Where and How Can I Use It?

Wondering about web access or about downloading ring tones? The Royal National Institute of Blind People in the United Kingdom has created an excellent Pre-Sales FAQ which answers some common questions about this telephone. Also consult our FAQ page for many additional details about using the Owasys 22C.

Owasys 22C






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Take an audio tour of the Owasys 22C with Marc Mulcahy:


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Dimensions: 4.6 X 1.9 X 1.1 inches
Weight: 4.6 ounces


Owasys 22C Front and Side

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