Effective Ways Of Protecting The Computer From Harmful Virus And Malware


Protecting our computer from possible attacks and infections from viruses is very important in making the computer safe and also files inside the computer. Viruses and malware can damage the computer’s hard drives and tamper with its programming and therefore making the files in the computer more vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. When these viruses persist long enough, they might completely damage your computer creating a huge loss. This malware has been created in the form of portals for executing more sinister activities like hacking into sites or stealing classified and confidential documents from these locations. Keeping your computer safe through the following ways is, therefore, important;

How To Protect Your Computer

Install Antivirus Software

This is an ideal program to protect the computer from attack by a virus or other malware. They detect and get rid of these viruses before they cause adverse effects to the files and the computer itself. It protects the computer from unauthorized software that causes a threat to the system. They play a bigger role in detecting the threats and automatically updating security measures on the computer.

Avoid Unnecessary Downloads

xcqdsfMost malware and computer viruses are obtained from downloading programs from unsecured links. They make the computer vulnerable to harmful malware by subjecting it to the virus. It is important to ensure that the computers browser security settings can detect unauthorized downloads and block downloads from unauthorized sites or servers.

Use Complex and Secure Passwords

Passwords are fundamental security tools that ensure only authorized persons can access the computer. Therefore creating a secure password is the first step in enhancing the safety of the computer. Complex passwords will be hard for hackers to crack and therefore keep the computer safe. Avoid using obvious passwords like your names, date of birth, name of your pet and other. Use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols and other signs to create your password. This will make it hard for fraudsters to guess or crack.

Install a Firewall

dfrgxcrA firewall assumes the role of a security guard for your computer. The firewall creates security to the computer by creating a barrier between the computer and any unauthorized program that it suspects might be a breach of security to the computer. A firewall will notify you in case there is an unsecured program trying to pave its way into the computer. It is, therefore, advisable to keep firewalls in your computer running at all times.

Security of the computer is ideal for securing files and other important data in it. It is, therefore, important to ensure it is free from harmful virus and malware