Selecting The Best Speakers For Your Car


Looking to buy or upgrade your car speakers and have all-in-one? The most common types of speakers are the 2-Way and 3-Way speaker systems. If you need speakers to add bass without having to invest on a new amplifier, it is best to choose a 3-Way 6 X 9 speaker for quality performance. Get the best audio speakers with high quality for your car. Knowing your options is very important before you decide.

Selecting the speakers

The type of speakers

There are several criteria to consider when you are deciding on the speakers for best suits.The quality of the speakers is what it is all about. Then the price. But then, you need to look for the design and power ratings as well – peak to peak and RMS.


The best 6×9 speakers are known to be the ideal speaker size for good bass. Adding a pair with your existing speakers is an excellent way to add mid-bass to your stereo system while ensuring the clarity and efficiency of your mid to high range.

The watt matters

You are looking at a 3-Way speaker having an RMS of 130 Watts with Peak 260 Watts and between 32 – 23 Hz to a 3-Way speaker having an RMS of 110 Watts with Peak 330 Watts and between 35 – 30 Hz.

Note that some 2-Way speakers in the market have a quality performance with 100 Watts with Peak 300 Watts and between 60 – 29 Hz. The prices range depending on what you are looking for. So, that is a lot to compare when choosing your ideal speakers for the sound quality you require.

The sound quality

We know that the varying degrees of sounds are produced in a multitude of sound waves by speakers. A low-pitched sound produced has a longer wavelength while a high-pitched sound produced has a shorter wavelength.

A 6 X 9 2-Way speaker consists of a tweeter and a woofer only while a 3-Way speaker consists of a tweeter, midrange, and a woofer.

The technology

It is natural that anyone would go in for a 3-Way pair of speakers as there is an additional speaker in it. But, the truth is that it all depends. It is based on the design of the crossover circuit, the quality of the components used in manufacturing. The quality of your amplifier and the operational range of your equalizer, as well as the type of music you listen to, are also some points to ponder before choosing a 6 X 9 speaker for your car.


Some help would be necessary

Because of this, you need to visit car stereo installation dealers and get the kind of speakers you desire and connect them and listen to the beats played and then go in for the best option. That’s the only way you could decide between a high-performance Hi-Fi pair of speakers for your car – whether it be a 2-Way or a 3-Way speaker system.


Some dealers, offer a 15-day or a one-month satisfaction guarantee on their products. So, with such a dealer, you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a speaker that you are not satisfied with. Perhaps needless to mention, ensure you keep a level mind and are not confused by the many recommendations from these dealers. Determine what you need in a 6 x 9 speaker even before consulting them.